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Get your very own WindFish - the graphic novel!
Get your very own WindFish - the graphic novel!

WINDFISH IS A Rust World Chronicle A steampunk inspired webcomic A 72 pages long story An Airship based relations drama A girl x girl romance A lot of sillyness The standalone continuation of DAYS Recomended for the age of 15 and up.


September 18th, 2011, 5:05 pm


Sorry guys!

The continuation of Windfish will have to wait some more, cause some other projects and well, life, got in the way.

HOWEVER! I do scetch a little windfish-related things and post them on this scetchblog (and if you happen to find some nsfw scetches there then I am sorry, and someone made me do it)

So please do check in there if you want to :)


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